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Work halted on North Jetty heavy machinery accessway

January 14th 2017

The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust understands that a 'stop work' order was served by North Somerset Council on the evening of 11-1-17 and that their discussions with CNM Estates (Birnbeck) Ltd continue. The following is our understanding of the present situation, precipitated by storm damage to the North Jetty in very late 2015 (Storm Frank).

1/. The planning application to demolish the North Jetty walkway was made of behalf of CNM Estates by Indigo Planning Ltd on July 8th 2016. The BRT had no other involvement with the planning process.

2/. The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust had escorted CNM's Project Manager and representatives of Indigo Planning and other potential contractors to the island for a preliminary site visit in April 2016.

3/. Planning permission for the demolition was granted on October 13th 2016.

4/. This permission included reference to a document "Proposed Site Access - received 13/09/16".

5/. A number of conditions were applied to the consent - none applied to the access route - nor was there any mention that further permissions were required.

6/. Cllr John Crockford-Hawley, Chairman of North Somerset Council, has stated on Radio Bristol that NSC's understanding was that the demolition was to be carried out via a maritime route - i.e. by barge etc.

7/. There is no mention of this approach in any of the Indigo submitted documentation which can be found on NSC's planning portal.

8/. Cllr Crockford-Hawley seemed to argue that because the access proposal was submitted after other application support information (N.B. - but well before the overall demolition permission was granted - in fact a month earlier than this) it carries no weight.

9/. It appears that CNM/Indigo will now have to apply for further permissions to continue the access work. It is believed that this sort of permission can take 8-12 weeks to process.

10/. By the time the work was halted some 200 tons of crushed rock had been delivered by lorry to the site of the proposed accessway down to the foreshore nearest to the low-tide causeway. The location of the accessway is from a plot of land directly adjacent to the former Cliffs Tea Rooms on the Toll Road. Much of the rock has already been mechanically moved over the edge of the drop, and into the suitable natural valley formation that exists there.

Images taken 5-1-17

Island Access #01

The initial delivery of rock

Island Access #02

The top of the route directly adjacent to the Tea Rooms

Island Access #03

The natural valley to the foreshore, directly central in the picture.

Island Access #04

The view from the top of Birkett Road.

Images taken 7-1-17

Island Access #05

Following delivery of more rock.

Island Access #06

The pile of rock waiting to be pushed over the cliff edge.

Island Access #07

The rock heading towards the natural valley.

Island Access #08

The view again from Birkett Road.

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