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For a new Birnbeck Regeneration Trust Community Centre

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This will cost no more than a few moments of your time. We have applied for a grant from Aviva to provide a community area on the promenade adjacent to Birnbeck Pier. The way they decide who gets the award money is based on votes from the general public. PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW AND VOTE FOR US, and then, if you think your friends won't mind, share this page and the voting link as far as you can. WE CANNOT WIN THIS AWARD WITHOUT THE HELP OF AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!

We hugely thank everyone who supports us in this way.

Please click below, and register and vote for us!

Our proposed Aviva project is to provide a semi-permanent building on the mainland overlooking the pier, where the Trust can increase public awareness, provide education and develop further fundraising opportunities for several years to come. The building would provide, but not be limited to:

• a safe and enjoyable environment which the general public can visit to learn about the history of the pier and the efforts to save it and how they can engage and become part of the project;

• an opportunity for local people to make their own suggestions about how the project will develop and what the renovated pier will offer;

• a space where children, including school parties, can learn about this part of their local history, developing a valuable interest in aspects of historical appreciation and architecture, take part in activities such as model making and drawing, and develop recognition that they themselves in time can become part of this future;

• facilitate older children and young adults becoming involved in the recording of history, the project will provide equipment to record verbal, video and photographic memories of the pier from the general public and then compile this record to be shared outwardly by the Trust;

• provide a space where the history of the pier can be shared with all who visit, displaying what has been gathered or created or recorded, thus encouraging discussion to creatively build on the dissemination of this important knowledge base;

• create a space that the volunteer team can be better managed from, providing an employment opportunity for one or more part-time volunteer and learning coordinators;

• provide volunteering and training opportunities for local people; specifically targeting those who are disadvantaged through long-term unemployment, mental or physical disability or other issues, enabling them to develop skills and experience to assist them in moving into paid employment.

The building would also offer meeting space to local voluntary and social groups.

The early work to encourage community awareness of the plight of the pier began in 2015 and, with the consent of the owners, was run from Pier View, a small building beside the pier, which also serves refreshments in return for small donations. We have now outgrown this building. When this new project is established, there will be space available in Pier View to develop the refreshment and souvenir service, also increasing revenue and pushing the overall project forward.

We are applying for the grant of £25,000 which will be spent as follows:

£12,000 – for a ‘porta-cabin’ type building , including installation

£8,400 – for an initial part-time Volunteer and Learning Coordinator (for 1 year, subsequent years will be covered through fundraising in the centre)

£3,100 – to equip the building, including audio-visual and photography equipment

£1,500 - for security, CCTV, etc

Many thanks to Fenja Hill for putting this bid together, without volunteer help we could not work to save the pier for the future.

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