Birnbeck Image Slider Photo #4

Images from the BRT's first open public meeting - August 7th 2015

The Trust's display - in the Boulevard United Reformed Church entry hall.

Meeting Display Photo #1

The BRT team (part) - from left to right: Neil O'Donoghue; Charles McCann; Shane Burney, Pete Lander; Richie Griffin; Terry Hutt; Richard Nightingale; Jackie Summers; Liz Ockwell; Sammi Boyd; Andrew Mason; Robin Burridge. Photo courtesy of Grace Earl.

Meeting Group Photo #2

The Panel - Christopher Charlton - Trustee; Charles McCann - Chairman; Richie Griffin - Delivery Manager; Richard Nightingale - Local Council Representative; Mike Dolley - CNM Estates Representative; Neil O'Donoghue - Business Support.

Meeting Photo #3

The Audience.

Meeting Photo #4

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