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The North Jetty

The original timber-built North Jetty first came into use in 1872. The following image, dated 1893, shows the view along its length from the docking pier, looking back towards the island and the buildings standing upon it.

The North Jetty 1893

© Weston-super-Mare Library

On 10th September 1903 the jetty was badly damaged in a severe storm which became known as "The Great Gale". The central section was completely washed away.

The North Jetty 1903

© Unknown

The North Jetty was then rebuilt in 1904/5. Constructed this time in steel, it was reported to have been some 45 feet (15 metres) longer than its predecessor, and some 5 feet (1.5 metres) wider. Evidently, they built the new bridge out to the remaining and original timber docking pier whilst that was still there.

The North Jetty 1904

© Somerset Record Office

Another image of the North Jetty under reconstruction. This image shows the construction of the new steel docking jetty.

The North Jetty 1904

© Phil Johnson Collection

The newly constructed North Jetty in 1905.

The North Jetty 1905

© Somerset Record Office

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