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Surveying of the North Jetty

As part of the process of creating a lasting photographic, written and drawn record of the structure of the North Jetty to be carried out in accordance with Historic England’s Building Recording level 4, surveying of the North Jetty took place on Tuesday and Wednesday November 29th and 30th 2016 - this work has been organised on CNM's behalf by Mann Williams, Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers, who have considerable experience of Birnbeck, who brought in surveyors Stuart and Edo from Anthony Brookes Surveys Ltd to carry out the work, who in turn brought with them a £35,000 laser scanning device. This creates a '3D point cloud', which when compared with other related scans can be electronically collated as a scaled 2D or 3D image, drawing or even a 3D printed model. Each scan takes about 8 minutes - and everyone else stays well out of the way or else they become a feature on the map!

North Jetty Survey #01

North Jetty Survey #02

North Jetty Survey #03

North Jetty Survey #04

(Images © and by courtesy of Andrew Mason)

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