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Pier View 1895 to 1913

The building presently known as Pier View was constructed as 'The Birnbeck' refreshment room in 1912, the following image dates from 1913. Prior to this, a smaller refreshment kiosk had stood on the exact same spot. Originally, and for a large part of its history, there was only an internal staircase to access the upper floor. The doors that presently allow access directly from the promenade were a much later addition. Because of its style and shape, the upper structure became known to many as "The Bird Cage".

Pier View 1913

© Unknown - possibly scanned from an early colourised postcard

The earlier refreshment kiosk, in 1895...

Refreshment Kiosk 1895

© Weston-super-Mare Library

...and in 1898.

Refreshment Kiosk 1898

© The Phil Johnson Collection

As it was in 1906.

Refreshment Kiosk 1906

© The Phil Johnson Collection

Pier View as first constructed in its present form in 1912. The iron columns which now support the overhanging northern part of the upper storey were not part of the original design and were a later addition. The double doors that now exist beneath this overhang were also not original - instead there was a window here when the building was first built.

Pier View 1912

© The Phil Johnson Collection (Postcard)

And shortly thereafter, once again as photographed in 1913.

Pier View 1913 02

© Unknown

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