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The South Jetty

Construction of the South Jetty, also known as the Low-Water Pier Extension, began in 1898 having been first proposed in 1892. After suffering damage in 1903, when almost complete, it did not finally open until 1909. Intended to allow for the berthing of vessels across a wider range of tidal states, this construction was less than a complete success. Navigating to it proved difficult, with strong currents, onshore winds and nearby rocks presenting regular hazards. The following 1901 image shows the jetty still under construction.

The South Jetty 1901

© Sharon Poole

The following three images, dated 1903 and then 1904 (x2), show the damage that also occurred to the South Jetty in September 1903 during the "Great Gale".

The South Jetty 1903

© Somerset Record Office

The South Jetty 1904 01

© Somerset Record Office

The South Jetty 1904 02

© Somerset Record Office

The jetty was not repaired until 1909 and was then taken out of regular use at around the time of the First World War. It was thereafter completely removed in 1923. The following photograph dates from about 1919.

The South Jetty 1912

© Unknown

The Early Birnbeck Lifeboats

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