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Birnbeck Regeneration Trust - Trustees:

Charles McCann Lt Col (Rtd) - Chairman

Christopher Charlton OBE - Founding Trustee

Richie Griffin MAPM - Project Director

Neil O'Donoghue - Business Manager

Richard Nightingale - North Somerset Council Representative

Robert Cleland - North Somerset Council Representative

(TBA) - Weston-super-Mare Town Council Representative

Lesley McCann - FotOPS Representative

Carol Hughes - The Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust

Peter Lander - History Collection and Archivist

Rose Barnett - Events and Fundraising

Trevor Barnett - Events and Fundraising

Birnbeck Regeneration Trust - Officers and Members:

Paul Hatton - Treasurer

Heidi Griffin - Secretary

William Griffin - Young Persons Representative

Birnbeck Regeneration Trust - Contracted Support:

Jess Steele - Heritage Support

For CNM Estates (Birnbeck) Ltd:

Wahid Samady – Chairman

Michael Ross - Director

Alex Uregian - Project Manager

Kevin Trudgeon - Commercial Manager

Mike Dolley - Public Relations

BRT Volunteer Team - Project Support :

Peter Alexander-Fitzgerald BA LLB LLM - Heritage Planning Law Advice

Dominic Wells - Architectural Advice

Andrew Mason - Technical Support and Website Administrator

Phil Johnson - Historic Material Researcher

Glyn Wellington - Archaeological Support

Terry Gore - Archaeological Support

Andrew Romoff - Electrical Installation Advisor

Lauren Davies - Commercial Support Assistant

Dean Mills - General Site Support

Mike Davies - Photographer

Kineta Hill - Photographer

Martin Slade - Photographer

Mark Gray - Photographer

FotOPS/BRT Volunteer Team - Fundraising and Events :

Lesley McCann - Secretary - Friends of the Old Pier Society

Terry Hutt - Public Relations ('Our Man about Town')

Lin Toulcher - Artwork Administrator

Keith Barraclough - Pier View Restoration

Barry Walsh - Music and External Fundraising

Shane Burney - Publicity Coordinator

Jackie Summers - Pier View

Susan Ann Adams - Pier View

Liz Ockwell - Pier View

Sharon McCann - Pier View

Julie Hatton - Pier View

Ruth Vowles - Fundraiser

Ken Adams - Fundraiser

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