Danger of Death

The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust are aware of attempts being made by members of the general public to access Birnbeck Island by means of the exposed causeway at low tides; and to cross to and from the mainland via the main pier. We cannot emphasise strongly enough how dangerous these activities are. The buildings on the island are in an extreme state of disrepair - there is a constant danger of falling roof and wall materials. The main bridge now has serious structural deficiencies - particularly relating to the cross-members which support the deck planking. Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to cross it. There is a significant danger of death should the remaining planking give way under the weight of even just one person. The mode of death would either be by multiple injuries due to a 35+ foot fall onto the rocks below or by drowning. Anyone carrying abandoned materials from the island increases the risk to themselves due to the extra weight loading applied to the planking. Please stay off the island and the pier, not only would you be trespassing, you would be putting the lives of others at risk when they have to come and rescue you or retrieve your deceased body.

Dangerous Structure 01

Dangerous Structure 02

Dangerous Structure 03

Dangerous Structure

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