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About this website

This website is produced by a small team of 'Team Birnbeck' volunteers working directly on behalf of the Birnbeck Regeneration Trust and the Friends of the Old Pier Society, with their full consent to do so. We will endeavour to keep the content interesting and current. We gladly accept relevant Birnbeck-related materials, high-quality or older photographs in particular, for inclusion within our pages.

If you have the requisite IT skills and would like to help us produce further content please don't hesitate to contact us at !

For further information on how to do this please see here.

Our logo

We would like to thank Kári Jarl for designing the Birnbeck Regeneration Trust logo.

Photographic accreditation

We will make best efforts to properly accredit any images we use to their rightful owners. Whilst we acknowledge that it is not always possible to easily trace the original sources of everything that appears on the internet, we will happily give credit to anyone who can show some evidence that the copyright of any given image we use belongs to them. If you see an image that we have used and wish to claim ownership, please contact us in the first instance at:

Photographic copyrights and permissions

The following photographers have given us permission to use their work. If you wish to use any of their images for your own purposes please contact them directly. We cannot thank them enough for their very kind input here.

Chris Sweet (

Martin Slade (

Mark Grey (

Mike Davis (

Mark Anstee (

Timmay Curtis (

Simon and Iris Haigh (

Carol Jadzia Beauchemin (

David James (

Andrew Kiefir - 'Chilled Pud' (

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